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History of the Central Beach Club
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The present owners Sue & Clinton Borders with their son & daughter Gavin & Sabrina have owned the Club since May 1993.  During this time many changes have taken place, including major internal alterations including staircase removal and opening up of the ground floor, total resurfacing of the outside car park areas, addition of the fabulous entrance canopy and smoking shelter.  Renovation of the rear suntrap patio and further smoking shelter.

Over the last 15 years since the purchase of their sister pub, the Eagle & Child Inn, Gavin has primarily run the Club with his dedicated crew.  And more recently with his wife Clare and their 3 children, Alex , Nia and Max.  Following the family tradition.  Their dedication has managed to continue generating enthusiasm throughout the members to keep the Club going.  The warm hospitality ensures a pleasant environment for all.  There's always a bit of gossip and plenty going on.


Present to 1993                     Sue Borders

Hands of receivers


Bill & Dot

Two funny fellas???

Peggy & ???

As mentioned above the Club has had many changes over the last twenty years and has been a social club since 19??  However, prior to this it was known as Bastion House School.  See below:-

History of Prestatyn & Schools

....................two years later in 1912 Bastion House School in Bastion Road was founded by the Rev. R. W. Farnell.  He was born in 1869 in Birmingham and started as a schoolteacher before entering the ministry and became a missionary for many years.  Owing to ill health he retired from the ministry and came to Prestatyn where he founded the boarding school at Bastion House.

The school continued for at least fifteen years, many Prestatynites were educated there and Mr. Farnell was said to be a gifted teacher greatly loved by his pupils.  He died in November 1952, aged 83.

An interesting news item concerning Bastion House School was reported on October 30th1926, which makes us realise how we take today's air mail post for granted.  It reads: One of the pupils of Bastion House School has lately received a letter from his mother in Rangoon, India.  This was bought over by Mr Alan Cobham the airman on his return flight from India and posted in London.

This was probably the first long distance airmail letter to be delivered in Prestatyn!  Older readers will remember Alan Cobham, not only for his pioneering flights, but also for his many displays throughout the country.

Bastion House, still standing half along the west side of Bastion Road, is a social club today.

In modern times three schools have been built two primary schools, Penmorfa, Dawson Park in 1960 and Bodnant, Nant Hall Road, in 1970.......................

bastion school house

Picture Bastion School House)

Some Say

That during a great storm in January 1881, a small schooner the "Rose of Liverpool" laden with Penmaenmawr stone, was driven a shore at a point were now stands Bastion House School.  To day called the Central Beach Club.  (We haven't excavated to find out).

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